Les Deck Consulting | Vistage
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Les operates three Vistage peer groups for CEOs — from startup to well over 100 million dollars in revenue, in manufacturing, distribution and service businesses. All three groups include members from both Palm Beach and Broward Counties.


Vistage is an organization for CEOs dedicated to improving their lives. They work together in groups of 16 non-competitive businesses.The more than 15,000 worldwide members enjoy the following.



  • Improved decision making due to the council of trusted advisors
  • Accountability to the group improves performance
  • Personal growth is enhanced due to top level speaker resources
  • The isolation top executives universally feel is ended
  • Vistage helps members adapt to constant change



  • Monthly Peer Group
  • Meetings
  • Keynote Resource Speakers
  • Executive Coaching
  • Limited Access Website


Vistage membership is by invitation only. If you think you could be a fit, feel free to contact me.