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Early Year Thoughts

12 Feb Early Year Thoughts

At this time of year I encourage all those I work with to be thoughtful about what they want to put energy into in the coming months.  Those conversations nearly always end with statement of several business or personal goals since I often serve as their coach or business advisor.  This is great because it provides an outline of our work together for the year ahead.  We establish metrics to work by and I check with them periodically to see that they are accountable to complete the goals they set.

As they begin the process I ask them to take a new look at elements and values that they want to drive their interactions with people during the year.  I do this for myself as well.  Last month I came out of my own reflective exercise with the following guidelines.  Please consider them and if you if you think they are appropriate adopt them or modify them for yourself.  I think they help me shift back toward center in an otherwise chaotic world.

Enjoy the victory! If you are still standing after the last several years of challenges be confident.  You have already won.

Invite rather than persuade!  Practice this in all of your relationships in all the places you inhabit.  Persuasion carries with it the danger of over selling and disappointment.  An invitation carries possibility and excitement.

Appreciate rather than judge!  No one needs or cares about your judgment.  Once they see it coming they are already set to deflect it.  Find something to appreciate and they will come toward you willingly.

Nothing negative even needs acknowledgement!  Only positive words, actions, support and encouragement can cause directional change.  Waste no time on the other side!

Plan to have a great year.

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