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Five things you can do now

27 Apr Five things you can do now

I have heard the “we can’t because” answer way too often. Everyone is already working overtime. The data is not perfect. We are not sure that’s the right way to go. There is no budget for that. We tried that before and it did not work. Everyone is on vacation in the summer. We can’t take our eye off the ball for a moment. Incidentally, I have answers for all of these but that’s a different story.

There are things you can do at little cost. They can be executed quickly and they will be directionally correct if not perfect. At the end of the day doing something well intentioned aimed at client value is a far better choice than waiting until conditions and information are perfect, or when you can free up staff time or you are positive it is the right thing to do. Do these conditions ever really coincide? Well then let’s get started on what can be done now, doesn’t cost much and can be finished in a few days:

  1. Create a letter to your top ten clients just to tell them how much you appreciate your relationship with them.
  2. Spend one full day in research to discover what additional goods or services you can provide to the same clients. Things are moving fast and the discoveries may surprise you.
  3. Write three hard hitting short blogs and use them to make the drip campaign a spurt campaign for the next couple of weeks.
  4. Take a look at inventory or your service schedule and determine if available inventory or work schedule allows you to offer an extraordinary value to clients for a short period. Example, only until August 15th 50% off on….
  5. Have an impromptu half day meeting with associates chosen at random just to discuss how the team can do a better job for customers. Then act on the best ideas and don’t forget to reward the employees for bringing the ideas.

There is always something you can do right now!

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