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Now Offering Online Peer Groups

28 Dec Now Offering Online Peer Groups


This works! No travel, no meeting room rental, no meeting refreshments to blow your diet. Everything else is there. The GoToMeeting platform allows all the video and audio, file sharing, recording and flexibility necessary. These peer groups escape the bounds of geography. Participants need only a broadband connection and a webcam.

Online meetings make discussions easy. The webcam images allow all participants to make visual identification and see expressions as easily as if all were in the same room. In fact, the meeting is in a virtual room with all the technical equipment to make presentations, share documents or handoff control of the meeting to any participant. 

In my online meetings we are handling a full spectrum of participant business issues where everyone learns. Our discussions run the gamut from finance to marketing and organizational development. Strategic planning and goal setting are easily achieved and shared with all in the “room”.

What a great environment for collaboration! Coupled with cloud-based document sharing account, group projects are easy.

Business owners and executives who participate in my online groups are already solving difficult problems, setting and achieving goals and making more profit. If you can bring value to the table and have a few problems to solve, (who doesn’t?),  get in touch with me. We will discuss fit with a group that is already running or forming a brand new group. Add a ninety minute online coaching session each month and you have a winner that will help you improve performance and profit in your business.

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