Les Deck Consulting | Online CEO Peer Groups that Really Work
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Online CEO Peer Groups that Really Work



Meeting monthly with a powerful online peer group gives participants a wonderful advantage. First the people around the virtual table are peers, equals who know the role you play as owner of the business. They are entrepreneurs who have decided to launch their own business enterprise just like you. Many have already faced problems you are experiencing now. All have the unique perspective that comes from sitting at the top of their organization. They have the same urgency you do and know that their decisions affect all those who work with them and all of their clients.

They understand that many vexing problems and amazing opportunities of every business must be addressed finally by the CEO / Owner. No matter how terrific your own staff, your business services providers and your clients are they all have their own agendas with you. If impartial, seasoned, truthful, experienced advice is what you need, you are a candidate for one of our online peer groups.


The program includes an online meeting each month and an executive coaching session with an expert Executive Business Coach.


Get the advantage of impartial advice and accountability for action that will move you past indecision and your business forward.