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Reality for a Late Adopter

27 Jun Reality for a Late Adopter

To my kids and grandkids:

Guys and Gals, Both of us have new iPhone 4s devices.  Patty’s white and mine black.  That’s pretty much all we know about them from a technical standpoint!

If we miss a call it should come as no surprise.  In fact we may be looking for the phone which certainly doesn’t look like a phone as much as a chunk of black glass.  Actually Patty knows where her’s is as it is still in the box.  Also we really don’t know what they sound like or how to change that.

I have no clue how to set it up to sync with my calendar in Outlook although I am assured by many that it is possible.  Mine has been installed in a rubber and plastic case either to avoid injury to the phone when it suffers the inevitable drop on concrete or tile or perhaps to keep me from injuring myself with it.

I did look at the App store which appears to be a parallel universe of some kind.  I believe it contains many different programs with names that seem unrelated to anything I recognize as manmade or naturally occurring in my previous environment.

Don’t bother leaving us a message since we have no idea how to receive it and based on every indication could not decode it if we did.  Better just call us on the house phone which still looks like a phone and has a sound we are familiar with.

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