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15 Apr Transformation

Transformation is among the things that do not happen without intent.
Only change measured in large metrics is transformation.
Transformation exacts a toll in human effort, which is given freely and willingly.
Transformation favors many rather than few.
It begins with a germ of truth spoken quietly.
In the early stages it is very vulnerable and takes many risks.
One or two may recognize transformational potential at first.
Gradually they breathe life onto the germ of truth and, if it survives, it becomes a concept.
The Concept is discussed, debated, altered, amended, modeled, and piloted.
When and if courageous people align to bring power to the concept a Vision is born.
Refined and communicated the Vision becomes a beacon drawing more people and their creative potential.
A Mission forms around the group, strategy surrounds the Mission, actions are promised and taken.
Progress is made inside a great flow of human energy.
Discipline, refinement, focus, discovery, harmony and careful execution combine to bring about great change and Extraordinary Results!
Transformation has happened! We are in a new place!

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