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Words, Words and More Words


23 Dec Words, Words and More Words

We are deep into a political campaign to top them all. The very nature of this particular debate process is divisive. Harsh words fall like rain from virtually all of the candidates. We cannot look up without encountering vitriol from all directions.

I’ve been a life-long persuader, but for the past couple of years my effort has been to invite rather than persuade, and I’ve become increasingly determined to use words of inclusion and compassion. It’s all about subtle, nuanced meaning, and it’s more gratifying to see people respond to invitation than persuasion.

Those of us who aspire to write do so because words are our best, most fascinating tools. When I hear the candidates speak, or sometimes folks who may be sitting next to me at Starbucks, I want to invite them into a language of inclusion. This desire to send a better message has been my muse this afternoon and here is the result


Words have great importance and cannot be unsaid
They can cause great happiness or bitterness instead

They represent us forcefully or gently we are told
Words can just repel folks or bring them to the fold

Words can be of anger or carry thoughts of love
They might be meant another way but feel like a shove

Words are full of connotations like invite, allow, support
Or they could be just the opposite persuade, reject, contort

It only takes a word or two to show which side you’re on
Knowing that the words you use will show where you belong

Speak carefully and choose your words to include, not to divide
And you’ll be heard more fully never meaning to deride

So many words we hear right now are negative in scope
Please join me in an effort to use more words of hope

In doing so I hope we’ll find good feelings spreading wide
Good words have a way of coming back around so no one has to hide

And use good words that spread good will and peace and love for all
Do this and find yourself, America and the world all walking tall!

December 2015

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